When you came during my existence,

Life became different.

You gave me happiness

when I was low-spirited.

You put hope

when I was about to give up.

You shared your strength

when I was weak.

You gave me courage

when I was afraid.

You filled me

when I was half empty.

You expressed your love

when I needed it.

And You found me

when I searched for you.

You are my laughter and joy,

my sunshine and smile,

Above all, You are

my Love, my Life.

Louvi <22>


Heart of a Friend

You appear as though I never know,

Your presence that all the stars show.

You’re a little schoolboy on a big ground,

Chasing and running, you’re like lost and found.

As countless days age from sunrise to sunset,

You are the playful boy whom I will never forget.

You stood beside me, your laughter I can hear,

You acknowledge me as your friend,

You wipe away my tear.

On a deserted corner, you hold this cold hand,

No one can interfere, you will always understand.

This time forward, a promise has been made,

All the leaves may fall, but we will never fade.

Louvi <22>

Suppressed Love

Suppressed Love

By: Louvi Amancio

You said hello and it lasted so long,

Years don’t wanna count, yet I am still floating to this song.

If you could still remember, we got into this big fight,

Words hurt us both, and time decided to separate us,

And I longed for you tight.

Our smiles began to fade, and tears replaced them with.

All these tears a lady could cry,

Wishing it’s your heart could wipe them dry.

This feeling was buried alive; it had no death,

Yet seeing your name so sweet, it leaped so high with breath.

Till when should this be kept? Till when could this be met?

Wishing all these years, it could be expressed.

I wish I could utter those words to make a wine so sweet,

And drink its redness with the first sip,

Yet nothing I could expect,

But the glass of bitterness as it always beat.

I love you, but it shouldn’t be,

Yet, I love you, and it does always be.

012239 HRS

JUL 2012